J.D. Martinez Ties For Team Lead with 16th Home Run, then Mookie Betts Hits His 17th

During tonight's matchup with the Braves, J.D. Martinez went deep once again to tie Mookie Betts for the team (and league) lead. But Betts quickly turned around and sent his 17th home run of the season over the green monster. With the Braves up 2-0 and Teheran ahead 0-2 in the count, Martinez was patient and didn't chase the low slider or the high fastball (though neither were that close to the zone in all fairness). With the count 2-2, Martinez got a low inside curveball and sent it over the Monster. Two batters later, Bogaerts went deep for [...]

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Who Makes Sense to Sign Hanley Ramirez?

Following Hanley's release, the next logical question is, "Where is he going?" The Red Sox are not going to be able to trade him due to the vesting option and other teams knowing they have a chance to just sign him (in which case the vesting option disappears). Why give up anything and risk it? The contenders? My first thought was AL contenders. Yankees? Indians? Astros? However, Hanley doesn’t fit with the Yanks. They have enough DH’s (Stanton, Judge, Sanchez) and I'm sure they'd rather keep Austin in the lineup against lefties and use the DH to give their [...]

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Red Sox DFA Hanley Ramirez to Make Room for Dustin Pedroia

In a shocking turn of events, the Boston Red Sox have informed Hanley Ramirez that he will be designated for assignment to make room for Dustin Pedroia. Alex Speier of the Boston Globe was the first to report. Most thought that the Red Sox would DFA or release their third catcher and former top prospect Blake Swihart, or maybe even do something bold like option Brock Holt to Triple-A to save Swihart. This is a move none of us saw coming. Hanley got off to a great start in 2018 and carried the Red Sox on his back at [...]

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The Mookie Betts Transformation

What the heck got into Mookie Betts? Admit it. You were disappointed in 2017 by Betts' 24 homers, 102 runs batted in, 101 runs scored and 26 stolen bases. Reading that, you now probably feel really greedy, but you have good reason to feel that way. Afterall, after Betts finished 2nd in the MVP voting with a .897 OPS in 2016, it was fair to assume the youngster would continue to take steps forward. Instead, Betts took steps back and appeared to look frustrated at the plate at times. He even got to the point where he sounded [...]

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